• Treatment Options for Gum Disease

    periodontal disease schaumburg Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease , is a serious oral health issue that affects many people. If your dentist finds signs of gum disease during an exam, it is important to take all of the steps needed to return your gums to a healthy state. There are several different options for treating gum disease. Certain types of gum disease can be treated with non-surgical procedures, such as rinses or scaling. In addition, a procedure called root planing can be used to deeply clean the base of the gums. For more severe gum disease, it may be necessary to perform periodontal surgery. A dentist at an office offering family dental care near Schaumburg will be able to walk you through all of the treatment options that are available to you. By treating your gum disease with the best available procedures, you can ensure that you have a healthy smile for life.

  • A Look at Teeth Veneers

    If your dentist has recommended teeth veneers for you, you may be wondering about the specifics of this type of procedure. Like a dental crown, a veneer is used to replace a decayed or damaged tooth. This porcelain-based material is implanted on the facial area of the tooth. A dentist offering affordable dentures near Schaumburg can also provide you with more information about the benefits of veneers. With a tooth veneer procedure, you can improve your smile instantly. If you would like more information about the process of implanting veneers, be sure to check out this informative video from expertvillage.