Common Questions About Orthodontic Care

family dental care in schaumburg Whether you are a parent seeking braces for a child, or are an adult seeking an improved smile, orthodontics are a safe and effective way to improve crooked or overcrowded teeth. Orthodontics can also alleviate a range of other issues, such as tooth pain or jaw issues. A clinic offering family dental care in Schaumburg will be able to provide you with more information about all of your orthodontic options, including braces and dental implants. By choosing to work with a highly rated dentist in your area, you will be sure to have a great orthodontic experience. Read on for a look at answers to common questions about orthodontic care.

Why Is Oral Hygiene Important When I Have Braces?

Patients who receive braces are instructed to perform careful oral hygiene procedures on a daily basis. Proper oral hygiene is especially important if you have traditional wire braces. If plaque is left to sit on the wires of the braces, it can cause cavities and tooth decay. By brushing your braces, you will keep your teeth healthy during your orthodontic care.

How Can I Clean My Braces?

Many patients wonder about the specifics of taking care of their teeth when they have braces . Typically, dentists recommend that patients brush their teeth after meals, in the morning, and directly before bed. You can also use special floss threaders to make sure that all food particles are removed from your teeth and braces. In the event that you find yourself without a toothbrush, you can also rinse your mouth with fresh water.

What Do Braces Feel Like?

If you are preparing for braces, you may be wondering what the braces will feel like once they have been placed in your mouth. During each visit, your dentist will gently tighten the braces wires in order to gradually move your teeth into position. If you experience discomfort after you have your braces tightened, you can alleviate the pain using an over the counter medication, such as ibuprofen.