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Digital Radiography: Digital X-Rays provide high quality dental images which allow for accurate diagnosis of dental decay and other dental issues. They are immediately available for viewing on our monitors and offer less radiation from traditional methods.

Intra-oral Camera: This powerful handheld camera allows our clinical team the option of taking actual pictures of areas of concern inside the mouth. Each picture will then be displayed on the computer screen so patients can see what is going on inside their mouth with their own eyes. This method also allows the patient to make informed decisions as to the next steps of dental treatment.

Interactive Dental Education & Entertainment: Each exam room features a flat screen TV that the dentist will use to explain and discuss treatment options.

Electric Rotary Instrumentation: This new instrument is quieter and more precise than a traditional dental drill. It allows the doctor to conduct various endodontic and implant procedures more efficiently and with minimal discomfort.


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