Get a New Smile Fast with Fastbraces™

orthodontist near schaumburg Have you found yourself wishing that you could improve your smile? If so, it’s time to consider seeing an orthodontist near Schaumburg . Many people put off orthodontic treatment thinking that they don’t have time to wear braces or potentially feel self-conscious about their appearance. Now, with Fastbraces™ technology, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional braces. Traditional metal braces are usually worn for at least two years to move the teeth into better positions, but with Fastbraces™, that time is cut down to just one year. Triangular brackets are used to exert gentle yet effective forces on the teeth, moving them faster than traditional square brackets. Fastbraces™ may be suitable for teenagers and adults alike, depending on what the orthodontist recommends. This new technology moves the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time without posing a risk to you and your smile. If you’ve been lamenting the appearance of your crooked teeth, it’s time to see what Fastbraces™ can do for you.