A Patient’s Guide to Braces

braces in schaumburg Getting braces in Schaumburg now can help you have a more cosmetically pleasing smile in the future. Plus, because of treatment advances, undergoing orthodontic work is easier than ever. When you keep in mind these guidelines, you can better ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong while you wear your braces.

Cleaning Your Teeth

Daily brushing and flossing are integral to avoiding tooth decay and gum disease. When you get braces, your dentist may advise that you make a few oral hygiene changes to protect your dental health. For one, you may need to replace your toothbrush more often. Contact between your braces and toothbrush can quickly wear out its bristles, making them less effective at scrubbing away bacteria and food particles. Two, you might have to allow yourself more time to clean your teeth and gums. Threading your floss through your wire can require a few extra minutes, as well as brushing thoroughly around each brace bracket.

Eating Meals

Wearing braces doesn’t mean that you have to overhaul your normal diet. Because food can easily catch on your brace brackets and wire, though, you may need to make a few minor alterations to your eating habits. For instance, when you eat fibrous foods, slice them into portions that you can eat with your back teeth instead of biting into them with your front teeth. You may also want to avoid sticky foods that can cling to your orthodontic equipment.

Seeing Your Dentist

Keeping up with your dental exams is crucial while you undergo orthodontic treatment. Even when you regularly brush and floss your teeth, bacteria and plaque can easily grow around your brace brackets. As a result, your teeth may be more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease while you undergo treatment. When you get dental cleanings, your dentist can thoroughly remove any accumulated plaque and tartar on your tooth enamel that may cause oral disease. He can also evaluate your orthodontic equipment to ensure that it is functioning as needed to move your teeth into better alignment as quickly as possible.

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