Why Missing Teeth Are Dangerous

missing teeth schaumburg Most people with missing teeth feel self-conscious about the look of their smile. Missing even one tooth can cause serious health issues in the mouth, however. Keep reading to find out why it is so important to visit your dentist near Schaumburg to find a solution for your missing teeth:

Without teeth holding the bone into place, your jaw might start to change shape, which can affect the appearance of your face. Once this starts to happen, it will also affect the gum tissue, which could cause other teeth to loosen. As a person loses more teeth, he or she has less function in the mouth and more difficulty talking and chewing.

The holes created by missing teeth also create the perfect space for plaque and food to build up. Without the dedicated care of a dentist, these spots become much more vulnerable for periodontal disease. If you are already missing one or more teeth, you should talk to your dentist about how dental implants can help.

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