How Do Fastbraces™ Work?

Orthodontics started out with traditional braces, and then developed other techniques like Invisalign. Now there is a new way to straighten your teeth and receive the cosmetic look and level of comfort that you desire. Talk to your Schaumburg dentist and continue reading to find out about how Fastbraces™ work.


Schaumburg dentist After being tested for two decades, Fastbraces™ technology is now becoming widely available. The goal of this treatment is to move the crown of the tooth as well as its root into the desired place at the same time. The procedure manipulates force and flexibility in order to achieve this goal, and it does so by utilizing an elbow shaped bracket. Unlike traditional square brackets, Fastbraces™ technology combines the elbow shaped brackets with an elevated slot in order to improve the flexibility of the wire. These mechanics allow for extra tipping and torqueing so that the root is affected throughout the entire treatment , right from the beginning.


Fastbraces work substantially quicker than traditional orthodontic treatments, which is appealing to many individuals who are looking to straighten their teeth for a beautiful smile. This is also particularly appealing to children, who are typically very concerned with how long they will have to wear their braces. Traditional braces usually require up to two years to complete the job. This is because the process is broken down into two stages: First, the crown is moved into the desired position, and then the root takes time to catch up. Fastbraces™ technology moves both the crown and the root at the same time, which makes it possible for treatment to be completed in as little as one year, and in some cases just a few months.


Fastbraces™ treatment is just as safe as traditional orthodontics, and its fast paced nature even comes with a few hidden benefits. Since you will be wearing your Fastbraces™ for a relatively brief period of time, you will not make as many trips to your orthodontist for checkups, which saves you time and money. Braces may also sometimes lead to tooth decay due to difficulty in practicing proper oral hygiene; this threat is reduced with Fastbraces™.