What Are the Cosmetic Benefits of Dental Bonding?

dental bonding schaumburg il Dental bonding is a versatile procedure that a dentist near Glendale Heights can use to correct dental imperfections. One of the most common uses of dental bonding is tooth restoration. It can repair teeth damaged by decay and remedy smiles diminished by injuries. So if you have a cavity or chipped tooth, your dentist might use bonding to fix it. A cosmetic dentist might also recommend dental bonding for aesthetic reasons. If you have a tooth that does not match the rest of your smile in shape or color, your dentist can apply the bonding resin over it to achieve a uniform look. He can even use bonding to address minor misalignment issues that cause gapping between teeth. Dental bonding normally requires little tooth preparation and causes no pain, making it an easy way to correct the dental issues getting in the way between you and a beautiful smile.

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